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Certifications are an official recognition of a company's sound management practices. Supervac 2000 is renowned for its professionalism and good business practices, and these well-deserved certifications are the result of our dedication. Our certifications are proof that we have the knowledge and skills required to handle even the most complex challenges. Our employees have all the technical know-how and ability to design and manufacture our equipments.

  • Motor Vehicle Safety Standard "CMVSS"
  • CSA B620 standard accreditation from Canada Transport
  • CSA B51 standard accreditation
  • ASME accreditation (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) ASME - Section Vlll div. 1
  • Certificate of Authorization (U-Stamp) and (R-Stamp) from the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Inspectors
  • Accreditation from the Regulation Federal code (49 CFR) of the United- States Department of Transport (D.O.T.)

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