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Spare Parts

Supervac 2000 Certified Parts

In this business, cheap rarely pays off. Discover the monster benefits of Supervac 2000 replacement parts:

You have purchased a Supervac 2000 not only for our expertise in rough terrain handling, but also because you have better things to do than worry about the reliability and durability of your equipement. That is why you must insist on Supervac 2000 Original Parts when replacing a part during scheduled service or maintenance.

Supervac 2000 Spare Parts are identical to the parts used at original production. They're your assurance that your equipement will retain its original build integrity whilst providing continuation of operation.

Pressure relief valve

Valve fig. 108

Air actuator

Valve fig. 204

Betts valve

Aluminum coupler


Primary shut-off

Secondary shut-off



Powerlock Spiral Clamp

Flat hose

Hi-Vac hose

Vacuum hose

Combination nipple

Hire mender

Rubber bell

Rubber door

Band-lock adaptors

2" sight glass

4" sigh glass

4-ways valve

Vacuum or pressure gauge

Stainless steel float

Mechanical level

Female Adapter

Male Coupler

Shank Coupler

Female Coupler

Shank Adapter

Male Adapter

Dust Cap

Dust Plug

Spool Adapter

Male x Female

Double Female

Vapor Recovery

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