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Specialized equiments

All our equipements are custom build

Expert in the fabrication of vacuum, and specialized custom built equipment, Supervac 2000 is offering for either private or public enterprises a various range of products such as:

  • Conventional vacuum truck (wet and dry material and dangerous goods). 
  • Industrial vacuum (truck or semi-trailer)
  • Combination unit and high water pressure 
  • Sewer cleaner on truck or trailer
  • Street flusher


Hydro-Excavation is digging safely with high pressure water and vacuum.

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Vacuum Truck

3250 gallons (us), D.O.T. tank 407/412,3800 cfm, 27'' Hg.,high vacuum pump,Baghouse cyclone, wet and dry mode,Hydraulic boom 25'

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Combination unit

Vacuum and high pressure water pump

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Sewer Jetter

Conventional or on a trailer

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Street flusher

Engineered for high performance

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Railway Unit

The best and safest Railway Unit

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Asphalt Patch Truck

The Asphalt Patch Truck with integrated structure and 4" isolation

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