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Combination unit

Vacuum and high pressure water pump

The combination unit, vacuum and high pressure water pump, have a debris tank of 2 000 gallons (us) and a water tank of 1 500 gallons (us).



Supervac 2000 vacuum and hydro-excavator combination unit SVCT-2020 is engineered for High performance.

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Supervac 2000's  combination unit vacuum-hydro excavator SVCT-2600 is a heavy-duty equiment that can take the toughest jobs.

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This Combination Unit and hydro excavator gives you a perfect productivity even in harder works.

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The SVCT-2600 model, is a combination unit (vacuum truck and hydro-excavator) tough and durable.

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When you combine strenght with performance you obtain Supervac 2000 Heavy-duty equiment that can takes the toughest jobs.

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This vacuum and hydro excavator trailer will surprise you with its strengh and its precise work.

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The SVCT-0510 is the perfect combination unit for your industrial and municipal works.

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The SVCT-1515 is definitely THE combined Vacuum truck and Hydro excavator you need.

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Supervac 2000 combination unit (vacuum truck and hydro excavator) Model SVHT-6400 is engineered for High performance.

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