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SBPR 500

Sewer cleaner

The sewer cleaner can take the toughest jobs. The tank was also designed to reduce the level of noise at the operator station. This trailer work hard besides being easy to operate.


  • Water tank, capacity of 1500 to 3500 gallons (us)
  • Carbon or stainless steel, rectangular or semi elliptic, located between two body compartment
  • Auxiliary engine and pump, mounted inside of the cabinet, behind the chassis cab
  • Pressure water pump 2000 up to 4000 psi, capacity of 35 to 100 gpm
  • Stainless steel filter.
  • Hose reel capacity 600 to 1000 ft hose 1” to 1¼ “ dia., secondary hose reel capacity 500 ft, hose ½ “ dia located behind the water
  • tank to reduce the level of noise at the operator station
  • Panel control for auxiliary engine hose reel located in the rear body compartment, easily accessible by the operator
  • Level indicator and low water level alarm
  • Nozzles, handgun and all accessories required for the application


  • Centrifugal water pump capacity 500 gpm @ 100 psi
  • Driven by auxiliary engine
  • Four (4) adjustable nozzles 2½’’ dia., activated by diaphragm valve, air operated, independently controlled inside the cab

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