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Sewer cleaner

Supervac 2000 Model SBPT-3000 (sewer cleaner) is engineered for High performance. It delivers the power you need for all complicated jobs.


  • Rectangular stainless steel water, tank capacity of 3000 Gallons (US)
  • Auxiliary diesel engine and water pump mounted inside cabinet, behind water tank
  • Pressure water pump 2000 PSI, 65 gpm
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Hose reel capacity 600 ft hose 1'' dia., secondary hose reel capacity 500 ft,
    hose 1/2'' dia located behind water tank
  • Auxilary engine panel control and hose reels located in the rear
    body compartment, easily accessible for the operator
  • Level indicator and low water level alarm
  • Nozzles, handgun and all accessories required for the application

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